weekends…thank GOD

by Kym on October 24, 2008

After a crazy weekend full of fun and family…it is sooo hard to send the kids back to school and actually get anything done. The mountain of laundry we didn’t fold last weekend while we were having so much fun has been moved on and off our bed all week. I guess that is what everyone gets to do THIS weekend!
It was great seeing my parents! They drove all the way from Oklahoma just to spend 4 days with us. They were here at the peak of the leaves in Maggie Valley, and I will add a few pictures when I can get them from Baylee’s computer. We downloaded family pics from Harrell’s camera to her very cool laptop. It is amazing how college changes in 20 years! And yet is still the same. Baylee called us one night at 11:30 and totally scared us to death….no one calls that late, well, except college kids who don’t have a grasp of time anymore. I remember our favorite sayings was, “time has no essence in our lives”! Boy how that changes….also the needing your own computer. Some of the college professers just have the students email their papers…to save trees. (those are the politically correct ones!) I ask what about all the plastic and chemicals used to make all the computers and cell phones and ipods and cds and on and on and on that we all think we need?
So, something else I noticed this week…my cheeks are not NOT in the same place. I’m talking about the ones on my face thank you. When did all this happen???? Time has caught up with me.
(I guess it had to sometime, but I was hoping for when I was about 75…not now!)
Anyway, I need to go sew…I am excited about the outfits I have been making and I am really enjoying the creativeness of sewing. (Thanks Mom) I know you think I taught myself, but you were a big influence and you are an awesome seamstress! And you have bought me TWO sewing machines!
One more thing….I have been buying a lot (and selling some) on ebay. Today I met the nicest lady…I bought the third kids coat….5 kids coats bought, 1 still fits, and one more to go! Anyway, she just lifted my spirits. She reminded me that God provides…and she provided an extra jacket! Isn’t that cool? God really is everywhere. He watches over us and takes care of us in so many ways…I just need to remember that! DAILY!!
By the way, everyone I have dealt with on Ebay has been very nice. I find it a fun way to sell and buy some of the things we need/want. And now, with being 30 minutes from the big town…it is even more handy.
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