Why would a family with seven kids want to adopt???

First, because we love God.

Second, because we love kids. James 1:27 is one of my favorite scriptures to explain this.

Also, by the way, I am twice adopted. Once by my earthly parents, and once by my Heavenly Father. He made it possible for me to call Him Daddy by making a way for me to be a part of His family. Cool, huh? So, I have full rights as His child. Same with my mom and dad. I am their kid. They are my parents.  God Himself arranged adoption. Isn’t that neat?

David and I have prayed and talked with our kids and prayed some more through this whole process.

We have asked others to pray with us. We have prayed for birth moms, and babies. In this country and in others.

Each of these experiences in joining with God in prayer for these moms and babies (or kids) was not a wasted experience. On our end, we felt a partnership with the Creator. We have been  blessed to see our prayers answered in many ways in many situations.

The internet and blogs have been an integral part of this journey for our family.

I will post some of the links that helped me on the way. Remember, this is the path God put US on. Yours may be different. There is not a right or wrong country to adopt from. There is not a “you should do this, instead of that” kind of mentality here. We were specifically led to Tyler. We know from all that we did and all the prayer that went on, that we were right where we were supposed to be….even when it hurt.

You may be right smack in the middle of God’s will in Africa, or India. And that is how it should be. NO one should tell you how your story should go….that is between you and God. :)

And, if you want to ask me questions, just leave me a comment or give me a shout…I will be glad to help point you to people who can help!

For David and I, we first looked at fostering to adopt….(not an option for us in our state, with as many kids as we have) This is a good place to start if your states requirements fit your family.

Then we started reading the requirements to adopt special needs overseas….we found two websites very helpful. Both of these led us to conversations with some very neat people. In the meantime, I was also talking to different agencies within my state about homestudy requirements.

Reeses Rainbow is an amazing organization that advocates to get children with special needs, including down syndrome, out of orphanages and institutions. They also have a yahoo group full of ordinary people in the process of adopting that I found to be inspiring and friendly. (I say ordinary, because God uses us ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things….when we let him!) This is the first photolisting of children I found when I began to think about adoption. I found the articles and help on this site to  really be wonderful. This site, and Reese’s Rainbow, put a face on adoption that I could not forget.

In my yahoo group, someone mentioned this blog, by Dawn Wright. Specifically, these posts in March 2010.

So, at this point, David and I were trusting God that this was the time to adopt….but we did not know where or when.

I was following the International group, and, after reading Dawn’s blog, contacted Tracie Loux at Christian Adoption Consultants. I talked to Tracie for over an hour, started following her blog some….and just kept praying.

For the sweet girl in an orphanage in Russia. For the baby boy in the orphanage in a different part of Russia. For the little girl with down syndrome in the Ukraine. And one by one, God showed us that these sweet ones were not our sweet one.

All His.

In His Hands….

The summer of 2010, as a family, we knew it was time to start our homestudy, sign on with Tracie and Christian Adoption Consultants, and pursue domestic adoption.

How? Back to the prayers….timing and listening to each other.

So, that, is the short version of the blog trail I followed. In the sidebar you will find other adoption blogs. I would love to hear all about your adoption journey!

Leave me a link to your story!


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Julia Tiller December 23, 2010 at 6:05 pm

I remember the day my very special husband took little girl as his own. As a single parent, I was in awe of this young man loving us both enough to make this huge commitment. For 27 years he has loved that child with the most beautiful, unconditional love. She has returned this same love to him. There have been times that I was almost jealous of the special gift shared between them. I remember many times him telling her how special she was because he got to choose her as his daughter and she chose him as her daddy. Adoption is a wonderful way to create or enlarge a family.

I applaud you for making this journey and cannot wait to read more!!


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