Fall is beginning

by Kym on September 29, 2008

On Friday, David and I went with Ron and Kiley to tag along on Molly’s fourth grade field trip to the County Fair. Here in Haywood County, the fair invites all of the fourth graders every year to come to the fair and see the exhibits and also demonstrations of all kinds. It was amazing and cool and free for all the kids! They saw…woodcarvers, a bee keeper and hive, a potter, the woodsman team from the community college, various animals, the sherriff’s department, complete with a hum vee…. and they all got to MILK A COW!
That is right…that sweet cow let every child get an opportunity to milk her…and no, we did not drink the milk! And yes, I had to try too! And I did it! Ron also tried, but Kiley and David just watched…it was really neat to see the kids ask questions and really be interested in everything they did!
Yesterday we were invited to go see buffalo! We went to Buffalo Creek Ranch and saw buffalo, goats, birds and a miniature horse. The owners of the ranch graciously showed us around for several hours and answered all the kids many questions…we even saw one of their seasonal rental cabins (BEAUTIFUL!) and the CASTLE one of their sons is building on the property. The veiws from the cabin and the castle are awesome! It was a fun, unexpected treat!
So, all in all, we had a great weekend. It is very nice and peaceful here both in the mountains and here in our house…
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