Christmas Crazies

by Kym on December 28, 2008

It seems like this time of year I get so busy that I cannot see straight. Now that Christmas is over, I am suffering from the same virus that the kids got before, during and after Christmas. So now we are tired, sick and trying to enjoy the time we have together before everyone goes back to school. David is done working two jobs, so that will give us more time with him! Now, if we can get everyone well, maybe we can be ready for the new year!
We had a great Christmas, even with everyone sick.
Jay and Walker woke up at 4 am and waited (as per directed from years past) until 6 am to wake the rest of us! We all trooped downstairs to see what Santa left in our stockings. Ron discussed the fact that he had planned to listen for noise so that he could see Santa in action…but he was bummed that he missed him. In fact, Ron got up and came to our room about 12:30 am, and Santa had already come. Ron walked right past all the filled stockings and did not even notice! Awwww Shucks, maybe next year!
We all emptied our stockings and started in on the presents while the traditional egg and cheese casserole was baking. I love the smell of it cooking while we are opening presents. Then, we ate and took turns showering and playing with all the new toys and getting ready for our big meal with Grandmommy and Granddaddy.
It was really neat to have them come over to our house for Christmas dinner. I mean, we know we live here near them now, but having them at our house for Christmas is one of the cool reasons we did this! We have really enjoyed the time we have spent together over the last few months.
Anyway, it was a great day and we have many more to look forward to. We didn’t even get to the making Christmas cookies part of the holiday, but we do have the dough in the fridge ready and waiting!
I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday and that you enjoy this break from school/work too. I know that I am, even with sick kids!

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