Making a memory

by Kym on December 11, 2008

Yesterday we made a memory. We, for the first time ever, went as a family to get a Christmas Tree. We picked the kids up from school and thank God it stopped raining long enough to drive to the Boyds Christmas Tree Farm and get our tree. It is the most picturesque farm with the trees on mountains and cabins nestled among them. We talked to the “guys” and then hiked up looking for OUR TREE. Of course, none looked good enough for the kids until we got to the Very Top of the mountain! They of course really had a ton of great trees, but remember, we were making a memory, so the walk and the climb and the search was all part of the fun. Ron had been saying for weeks that he wanted to go chop down a tree for Christmas, so we let him pick the tree and everyone agreed that it is quite nice. It is TALL, almost 8 feet and yet thin enough to fit where we needed it to go. I have been working around the house for the last week to make a spot for it. We came home, put it up and drank apple cider and ate summer sausage and beef stick and cheeses and crackers and listened to Christmas music. I also got some old fashioned tinsel (the long strings of metal) from the thrift store to put all over the tree. It ended up more on Ron and Kiley of course, but the effect on the tree is quite magical. I will get a picture soon.

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Jeri December 13, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun! As a kid I never really understood the tinsel thing. I recall getting in trouble for throwing it on the tree not having the patience to do one piece at a time. I can still hear my mom scold me. (More therapy is obviously needed as these memories pour in) Light bulb moment!…I see the beauty in those little strands of silver now and I bet your tree is spectactular! Hey, where’s the pine tree scratch and sniff sticker? :)


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