Heart overflowing

by Kym on June 4, 2014

I found this post in my drafts. I wanted to share it. It is from June of 2012. My heart still overflows….   I had a couple of my kids friends over the other day. They were talking about the camping trip they had been on earlier in the week. They told me how, while […]


On ramps and recipes

by Kym on May 15, 2014

A good friend was over last night and brought us a bag full of ramps. (Wild leeks that are a mountain delicacy for a few weeks each year, if you are not familiar with them.) When we first moved to the mountains, many people told us about ramps, asked us if we liked them, and […]

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Meet Olivia Rose

by Kym on September 18, 2013

What a whirlwind week! Last Tuesday I flew into Phoenix, made plans to meet birth mom for a smoothie on Wednesday. I got up, took a shower and got out to a text that birth mom was heading to the hospital! I got ready, my aunt made me a sandwich….and off I went to the […]


Bringing Home Our Treasure

by Kym on September 9, 2013

When we said YES to an adoption situation Wednesday afternoon, we knew our lives were changing. We also knew that we had been praying for the last few months as we looked at several different adoption situations that if the answer was no, for God to close that door. We also prayed that if God’s […]


Homemade toothpaste and more

by Kym on September 8, 2013

So, when I started to tell you about my experience with the homemade “dirt” toothpaste, I ended up in a sort of philosophical discussion with myself. Today, I am just going to post links and tell you what I like about each of the things I have tried! I started off with the laundry detergent. […]


And baby makes 11!

by Kym on September 6, 2013

This summer we have been busy. Busy loving on our kids. Busy visiting Jay for graduation from BASIC training. Busy getting two kids ready to move to two different schools. And underneath it all….busy preparing our hearts and home to add another Thurman to our family. Our home study was completed as the kids finished […]


Quilts for Oklahoma

by Kym on May 21, 2013

I have sat at my computer screen the last two days, watching with HOPE for victims of the Moore tornado to be found. My family and I have texted money, and posted links, and prayed and prayed. And cried. I think of the young boy I saw last night on the news, happy to be […]


It all started long, long ago. I stopped cleaning with the store bought stuff, and started cleaning with mostly vinegar and baking soda. When Baylee came along, I stopped using scented detergent, most perfumes and tried to coupon and recycle. Couponing lasted about six weeks. Recycling involved collecting just aluminum and glass and hauling it to […]


25 years, $500 and 2 rooms

by Kym on March 1, 2013

David and I have been married for 25 years this month. Last year we went for a fabulous weekend in Asheville. We stayed at the Hilton down by the new movie theater. It was amazing. And then we came home. To our wonderful kids. And our 1984 foil pink butterfly wallpaper and pink blinds. sigh My […]


Mini Corndogs

by Kym on January 14, 2013

I love the Pinterest idea of making mini corn dogs. I love corn dogs, but since I am allergic to soy, I try to avoid buying them. The first time I made them, they were great! My kids loved them and wanted me to make them all the time. However, getting my mini pans oiled […]

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