Mini Corndogs

by Kym on January 14, 2013

I love the Pinterest idea of making mini corn dogs. I love corn dogs, but since I am allergic to soy, I try to avoid buying them. The first time I made them, they were great! My kids loved them and wanted me to make them all the time. However, getting my mini pans oiled enough to make them come out was kind of a problem!
Then, the other day, my daughter had a genius idea! She said, “Why don’t you trysting them in that new cake ball machine?”
I was skeptical. But I heated it up anyway….WOW!
These were so much easier!! We got so excited, we added some cheese and jalapeƱos to the batter and made some spicy mini corn dog balls.
Now they are asking for some mini jalapeƱo poppers, made in the Bella cake ball machine of course!
Well, good for me, these are sooo easy!




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