Lemon Caper Chicken

by Kym on March 16, 2009

Lemon Caper Chicken is one of our family favorites. I make it two ways…the easy way for “in a hurry” nights and the more difficult but also extra delicious for company or special occasions.
The easy way is below.
Put Chicken breast in a pan, pour about 1 cup lemon juice over them, drain and dump a jar of capers on top. Cover with foil and bake in 375 degree oven until done. Before serving cook a box or two (depending on size of family!) of your favorite pasta. My family likes bow tie noodles with this! Cook a veggie like broccoli and your meal is done! YUM
Now for the harder way.
Use fresh or thawed chicken breasts. Cut in 1/2 through the thickness and pound even thinner. Dredge in flour and panee in olive oil. Transfer Chicken to baking dish, or crock pot. I put water, chicken bouillon and lemon juice in crock pot and add capers and slices of lemon on each chicken “layer” that I add. Finish browning chicken and clean up mess. Let cook in crock pot at least an hour. This really just melds the flavors since the chicken cooks when you are browning it. I like to leave it alone for 2 or 3. Before serving, cook pasta and veggie and again, your meal is done!
We fed 14 people for Baylee’s birthday dinner. We served it with fresh asparagus steamed in the wok with garlic. It was really tasy. We finished the meal with a calorie laden cheesecake and also a yummy chocolate brownie trifle made by two of our guests!!
It was a great night and a fun meal. If you make it, let me know…I would love to hear if you like it as much as we do!
Note: I used 2 jars of capers for the really big meal…and I only drained one of them and added the salty juice into the crockpot!

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