by Kym on October 7, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,
You have been so sweet beyond words during this time of craziness for me. I have been completely caught off guard with this allergy to soy. I feel as though my life got turned upside down and each time I think it is getting back on track, I eat something with unknown soy….and I am topsy-turvy again. Thank you for your kindness and patience with me. Continue to pray for me and send me links and recipes and ideas for food without soy! Yesterday my sweet husband brought me home sun chips and soy free mayonaise. Now, to find something to make with the mayo!:) Tuna, in water, is actually Tuna in soy…and if it is oil…that is soy as well, so I may wait for some yummy chicken salad! :)

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ocean October 8, 2009 at 2:55 pm


Did you ever find the website by caltech? If not, I found my list from a while back and I will email it to you.
Doesn't look like we will make it there for Christmas :( My Mom is not doing well-her health is somewhat better but she is still too weak for chemo. Mentally, she has declined greatly.
Hope to see you soon though.


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