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by Kym on October 30, 2008

On the snow day while I had time alone I updated my blog and checked out a lot of the ones on my fabric group…I have added a lot of them on my blog…if you are not posting, I didn’t add you. It makes me sad when I go to someones blog and their last post was from 1995. (Just kidding, but come on, at least post monthly…otherwise-why blog???)
Did you all know that Jen, one of the girls in my yahoo fabric group (see join button on the side if you want great fabrics for a better price), has designed a seam guide and showed it at the quilt market? TOO COOL…here is a link…
While reading her blog, I decided to check out Amy Butlers site…did you know she has a ton of FREE patterns to download???
Maybe you all already knew this, but WOW…I learn more everyday!
I have sold some more stuff…so I am busy sewing! (When I am not on the computer or doing laundry!!!)I hope you all don’t mind me stalking your blogs!!! (one of my very good friends told me last night that she is my stalker!) They are great and what a fun way to get to know this vast internet!

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