by Kym on April 20, 2008

Does having an all night prom party, mean that I have to stay up all night??? I haven’t done this since I was…well, I don’t remember staying up all night, except when Walker was born. Right now it is 4:43 am and they are still going strong. It might be because of the monster drinks, but I think it is the energy and aliveness of being in High School and it being PROM NIGHT! They are a great group of kids, and it is fun to be up with them. I have enjoyed hearing snatches of conversation, watching them jump into the freezing cold swimming pool, play air guitar, and throw water on sleepy unsuspecting friends! (I asked for that not to happen again!-Sharpie mustache?? NO, not that either!!!) It really is a privilege to have them here. They are funny, respectful, loud, sweet to the little kids, who, by the way hung in there until 4AM!!!! I am glad that we were able to give them a safe, fun alternative to a beach house with some alcohol. What is up with that??? It is hard for me to understand why that appeals to so many, and why so many parents turn a blind eye to that. For any of you parents of these kids…they were great! Thanks for letting them stay! For any parents who bought booze for their kids…boy, you really missed out on what true fun is! Sorry for you.
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