When God blows me away.

by Kym on January 24, 2011

Yesterday I did not want to leave Tyler to go to church.

(I know, how many of us do not want to leave someone or something for the one hour to collectively worship with others…and my excuse is pretty good right now wouldn’t you think?)

I do not think I have to be “in a church” to worship Him, either, but to worship with others….is important.

Anyway. I left Tyler in good hands. And I went.

With my friend that I met through this adoption process. We went to her church and the service was good. The message great.

I did feel awkward. It is an inevitable part of walking in somewhere that you have never been before, and I do not know why people can accept that feeling walking into a Wal-mart that is flipped the wrong way, but get scared when they walk into a church they have never been in. To me, it is all part of the same thing….not the CHURCH, my perception. So, I put my perceptions aside, Thanked God for the hour with these believers in Reno, Nevada, who are worshiping and growing in their relationship with Christ….and rested in HIM.

And as we were leaving….God blew the doors of my perceptions open.

I stopped to grab some information on this church. (I said I felt awkward, not put off…It is a GREAT church)

I chatted with the man standing slightly in front of the rack.  We talked about the things going on in the church for like two seconds, he had heard of Maggie Valley….and I told him we had come to Reno to adopt a baby.


“Our church is going to do a month on adoption in March.”


My friend comes over, a connection is made….and God is at work creating stories of redemption right here, daily, and I got to be a part of that connecting of people.

Do I know where this will lead for this church? For this friend of mine? NO.

Do I know where this will lead for me? NO

Do I know I was speaking out what God is actively doing in my own life and He used that? Absolutely.  What does this mean for me? Do I go back home and curl up with my family and baby and pretend that none of this long month ever happened? (as if…hee hee)

Or do I shout from the mountain tops….”PRAISE GOD”

He really does leave it up to us. These small decisions…that lead to amazing things.

What is He softly whispering in your heart?

And how was Tyler….? While I left him in the care of the nurses and Dr., he got his IV out and is well on his way to being able to come home! How is that for a bonus!?

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Penny January 24, 2011 at 11:06 am

love this post! so glad that you went to church! i know it blessed you to have the confirmation that you were right (in church) where you needed to be at that time! love you bunches! penny


Simply Cintia January 24, 2011 at 11:12 am

God is amazing. You, baby Tyler and the whole family are in our prayers. Great to know that my ZGirl and Tyler are so close in age, they can play together :) love ya!


David January 24, 2011 at 11:07 pm

I love that you see beyond the discomfort to the everlasting possibilities. You are my love, my friend, and my wife and while there is an aching Kym shaped hole here waiting for you to fill it, God has opened up a Tyler shaped one, too. Thank you for doing all this to bring him home.


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