the way God is moving….

by Kym on July 9, 2008

This is how God has been working….for 2 years we have been waiting to sell our house and move to NC. Then out of the blue IN ONE DAY, David got an interview for a job in TAMPA, he found out they were downsizing his contract and after September 30 would most likely be out of a job, and had someone approach him about renting our house for 3 years! While we were working out those details, he had a second interview, accepted the job, and at the same time…I got a call from our realtor that someone wanted to see the house! SO, then the people said they were definitely interested in renting our home and we told them that someone was looking that day….they said…if you can sell it, do! They have a house in Oklahoma that they are trying to sell….Well, the next day, the people put in an offer on our house, and David found out from the guy in Tampa that the contract went into review…so we sold our house, but didn’t know for sure if we had the job in Tampa! And, we were going to OK to see family for the first time in 3 years….so we accepted the contract and left on vacation. While gone, the closing date was firmly set for the 17 of July and we realized that we had less than 3 weeks to get everything done. So, we cut our trip short and did not get to go to David’s parents in NC. Came home and unpacked and started packing! Then we found out Monday that the job in Tampa fell through! SO WE ARE MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA! whoooo hoooo! I called a real estate agent friend in NC and she said that they don’t do rentals….but she had one house on the market that the lady was interested in renting and we would fit into…2600 sq ft with a basement! We talked to the owner and she is fine with 7 kids and 2 dogs renting her house!!!
So, in one day, we found out we were not going to Tampa, and we got a house to live in and can do a door to door move into this cool house! AND my oldest daughter, baylee, decided to go to college in NORTH CAROLINA! and she had decided that the day before we found out we were moving there! AND the school is giving her scholarships and grants to go!!!!!
And, we get to see our family in North Carolina that we thought we would not get to see this summer!
So, here we are with God raining down blessings on us. At the same time, we are moving without a job come Oct 1. and we are trusting and praying for God to provide one! It is an exciting and completely terrifying time for us and we covet your prayers!!!!
Isn’t it completely amazing the way God works!?

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watts July 23, 2008 at 11:53 am

Kym, Dave and Family I was so happy to hear your exciting news!! Aren’t “God Things” wonderful? I’m so excited for you all, what an opportunity to try new and exciting things. I know God will surely bless you in this time of uncertainty and change. We will pray for you (as we always do).
We love you,
Kevin, Dina, Kris and Allison


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