Thankful tidings…

by Kym on December 3, 2009

I have been in a hurry, scurry, kind of mood. Between sick kids, trying to keep caught up from the sick kids, and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas….I am forgetting to “just breathe”. Since Monday when David and I had a delicious day (well, several hours, together alone) exploring Asheville, I have had two different kids home sick…and Dr.’s appointments every day. WHEW! Today I finally sat down and made “THE LIST” and feel somewhat organized for the next few weeks. Jay and I went into Asheville and I got several more gifts that we needed for the kids, and maybe tomorrow all of them will make it through the day at school! In any case, it is Friday…and I am looking forward to the weekend with the kids and David off.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my parents and David’s parents and all our kids and our niece and her boyfriend…and several of the kids’ friends throughout the holiday. We realized as we sat down to eat, that it was the first time that my parents have spent a holiday at our house!!! How cool to have them here with David’s parents, too! AND, they got to sample our DELICIOUS MADE FROM SCRATCH pumpkin pie! It was fantastic…the pumpkin made 3 pies and we ate them all with homemade whipped cream….can you say yum?
So anyway, today, while finishing up the jeans and downloading pictures and making “THE LIST” my body had to stop and my mind had to focus and I spent some time reflecting on HOW BLESSED we are! So here are some pictures from our Holiday to share with you.
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Amanda December 31, 2009 at 9:14 am

Love the pics, Kym! Your children are precious to me. I especially love the pic of Molly and Ron. Too cute!


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