Stepping out of the comfort zone

by Kym on April 19, 2010

Today, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.
I am not doing that in a literal way, but in my head.
I have watched a video about orphans that “age out” of the orphanage, and how they feel vulnerable and scared leaving the only safe place they know. WHAT? the orphanage is the safe place???
Does this not seem somehow WRONG to you? It does to me. It pierces me. It convicts me. It shames me.
As I sit and drink my latte, and eat my 88cent yogurt (because that is my favorite, thank you) I am embarrassed that I give NO Thought on a daily basis to my greed. To my inconsiderate ways. To my “gotta have this” because it is new and shiny attitudes.

Now, that my brain is uncomfortable, what do I do?
If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I have been uncomfortable for a while…I have been sitting at the computer crying and overwhelmed and burdened for so many little ones…but just to sit and cry is not enough. To be overwhelmed is not an answer. And to be burdened does not help anyone.

What I have to do is make it a literal leap. I think the first step is to heed the call. Does that mean adopt? For some it does. For some it means supporting those who do. For some it means going and taking care of these precious children. For some it means sending money. For some it means advocating here in the courts for them. For some it means fostering. For some it means donating time, or services, or expertise to help an orphan. For some it means educating people about the needs. For some it means going to God in prayer on behalf of certain children. For some it means sponsering a child each month.

How is God pulling you out of your comfort zone?

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Jenn April 21, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Thanks for an honest post with serious "food for thought". The truth is that EVERYONE can help the orphans. Some adopt, some sponsor, some fund others adoptions, and then praying. Everyone can help, they just need to find what they can do…or even what takes them out of their comfort zone to do. {hugs}


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