by Kym on May 4, 2009

I am loving the spring in the mountains. Each day it is different. The mountains change with the sun and shade, clouds and leaves popping out. Houses we have seen all winter are now hidden…and so are mountains that we could see from our house. That is okay, now it is like living in a tree house…secluded and surrounded by green.
We have only been here for one spring break before, so this is a new world to us! It is absolutely amazing. Dogwoods are in bloom everywhere, we have several in our yard as well as a tree that drops little white “bell-flowers”. The mountain laurel all over the yard have been a mystery to us, because we moved here after the blooms were gone and I have never thought to ask our landlady what colors they were! Now, they are just beginning to bloom and they are the most magnificent purple in the front yard and in the back they are white, we think…but they are not quite out yet! Also, the azealas have been covered with red and pink blossoms…too pretty. We also have two peony plants that I am looking forward to seeing in bloom. The only peony plants we have ever had were in Germany and they were lovely! I compare this area to Germany a lot. I think the kids are beginning to get tired of me ooohing and ahhhing over the views, but I am never going to get tired of them!
There is one small disadvantage to the beauty…each time I am outside for more than two minutes I have a combination asthma/allergy attack. I have taken more actifed this year than I have since, well, since Germany!
So wherever you are- Enjoy Spring!

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ocean May 5, 2009 at 7:36 pm

I’m ready for spring in the mountains. Hopefully in the next 3 years I will experience it. Thanks for the prayers.


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