Saturday Sleepiness

by Kym on April 12, 2008

What a wild week! Spring Break is NOT a break! We have tons of laundry NO ONE wants to do…we did a ton of stuff that I just posted…and I hit the wrong button and POOF it disappeared.
It was a really cool list of all we have done.
Monday I had a post about letting go of your oldest child and not letting anyone see how TERRIFIED you were…and the computer decided to eat that one too! I just “saved” what I have written so far. I can learn from my mistake! Anyway, back to my oldest, Baylee. She is 18, sort of a senior in High School, but really a freshman in college. She is “homeschool-dual enrolled” and absolutely loving it. So, she signed up to go on the spring break college trip to SAN Fransisco. That is about as far as you can get from Panama City. She paid for the trip herself…and we were excited to let her go, until she actually left and then I was panicked at the idea, but didn’t let anyone know…except my blog that disappeared. Well, she is fine and having a great time. AND she got stuck there for an extra 3 days because American Airlines had technical difficulties. So, now I am even stretched a little more!
Today, it is raining and dreary…and I am glad! We have done so much on this break that I need a break! So I am off to the sewing machine!
Yay! Kym

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