Random thoughts from my kids…and about my kids

by Kym on September 15, 2009

I was whining (something I am doing way to much these days) to Maddy, and she reminded me that boys and girls are NOT the same. For example, she said, “When I take off my clothes I put them in the hamper. If it is full, I go empty it. The boys, however, just toss theirs in the general direction of the hamper and never even look to see if it actually makes it in. They think nothing of taking it down to the laundry room, they just think that their clothes will magically appear clean in their drawers!”
Well, if any of you know me, the clothes will NEVER appear in their drawers(they are still piled in my closet waiting on me or someone to fold them). I did think that Maddy made a pretty good comparison between the sexes.
I have been making a deliberate effort these days to let the kids know how much I love them. Not in a cut out cupcake and note in your lunchbox way, but just in a hug or smile and looking into their face way. I feel like I have gotten so caught up in the getting everyone ready for school, dealing with sick me and allergies that I have neglected really taking the time for what is truly important to me.
So, have a happy day and let those around you know how much you love them!

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