my amazing Valentine

by Kym on February 15, 2012

I woke up Valentines Day to french toast with powdered sugar and real maple syrup….and hot coffee made just the way I like it!

Did David stay home?


Ron, nine, and Kiley, seven made me breakfast!

And while I was eating, God sent me the perfect rainbow right out the sliver of window I was sitting near….

not one of those almost rainbows.

This was a perfect ROYGBIV rainbow.

The first one I have ever seen.

And even though the rest of the day had fighting, bickering, laundry, cooking….and 4 extra kids for dinner, I went to bed knowing that in addition to kids that love me, a husband that adores me (he tells me so!), I also have a God that loves even me enough to put a perfect rainbow in the exact place at the exact time I was eating my Valentine breakfast. For me, that was a love letter straight from Heaven.

How does God remind you of His great Love for you?

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