Ooooh Yeah, I am saving money!!!

by Kym on February 20, 2009

I am on a coupon high! I have spent the last few weeks cutting coupons and trying to figure out how to save money…several websites have really given me good information! My first try was with David at Harris Teeter when they had triple coupons….we spent about $30. and saved about $30. Pretty good for our first try. I really wanted to figure out the CVS trips, though, so I have been studying and trying to figure out what would work for me! First, I read the good deals here and then I copied the list to word…I deleted what I didn’t want to get and made a paper copy since I needed a good list. I followed the directions on which coupons to get, which ones I needed to get offline and put them all together. Since I didn’t have any CVS Extra Care bucks (ECB’s) well, really I had 2, I wanted to do my list in two parts. Then, after all that, the trip to the hospital got in the way! So….
After I came home, David and I had an hour to kill while Maddy was in town at a school function. We had another shopping “date” to CVS. First we bought the nuetragena soaps and made 6 bucks off the deal. Then we used $6 real dollars and our ECB’s to buy part of our stuff. We then turned around and spent $6 more dollars and some ECB’s to buy some more stuff. We started to leave, but found the razor deal….7.99 for the razor and 4ECB’s back…and I had a $4 coupon. So we went back and bought that too! We spent real dollars of about 15.20 and came home with 37.00 worth of stuff AND $15 of ECB’s for our next trip!!! WOW!
Fast forward to Friday….
David used my $15 ECB’s for emergency snacks for kids coming over after school, so my next trip to CVS had to be funded with REAL money….however, they were offering $20 of Coke products for $10 of ECB’s back. Now, I love Coke, but it is always about $4.60 so I have sacrificed and drink Pepsi more than I would like. I really wanted to get the coke!! Maddy and I went to CVS and bought the coke, and then we bought some Johnson and Johnson bandaid patches with coupons, peelies (a bonus on the boxes for $2 off each box) and ECB’s back. We had 4 boxes of these, some 75% off valentine candy and we needed something else to use the $10ECB we had from the coke so we added a gallon of milk. I used the $10 ECB and 98 cents and paid for that stuff….and got $12 in ECB’s back! This time I hope to not use them for an “emergency” and be able to roll them for my next trip next week!!!
Maddy and I also grocery shopped…we spent $26.00 and saved $22.00….so I feel like I am beginning to get the hang of this shopping with coupons thing.
Who knew saving money could be so much fun??? (Okay, so somebody knew this before now, but I didn’t!!!)
I apologize for the VERY long post….I am just so thrilled to figure out how the internet coupons, CVS and all that work!

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ocean February 21, 2009 at 1:24 pm

I don’t get the whole ECB from CVS. I have read a couple of posts on using coupons, shopping sales and getting ECBs all at one time but it’s not clicking for me.


Cisray February 23, 2009 at 2:27 am


If you’re big on online shopping it can really help.

You sign-up (free) then look for the deals by store. Click on the store and it sends you to their site. You then shop and e-bates keeps track of your purchases. Each store is different but you either get access to online coupons or a percent of your purchase back in cash from e-bates.

Its for real. They send the checks out on a regular basis and keep track of your savings for you.

Also, try doing a google search using the store name, a comma, then the words ‘promo code’ (no quotes. You will get a bunch of sites providing often unpublished promo or coupon codes.

Good Luck


kym March 4, 2009 at 3:15 pm

I had to really work to figure it out, but have enjoyed the savings!
Thanks, I will check them out!


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