If you give a mouse a cookie….

by Kym on March 4, 2009

This morning Kiley asked for pancakes. She dwreamed about them! So, about 9:45 I went into the kitchen to make pancakes. I noticed the strawberries needed to be eaten, so I cut those up while cooking the pancakes. When I picked up the cutting board, I noticed the countertop really needed bleaching (white counter top) so I mixed up some bleach and water…I finished up the pancakes and started on the counter. While bleaching, I remembered that Ron cooked popcorn in the microwave for 7 minutes this weekend and I needed to get the rest of the mess cleaned up. So I moved on to the microwave….it is right next to the fridge…and it was looking kind of yucky, so it got a good wipe down as well. When I got down to the bottom, I noticed the floor needed my attention too. So….I used my swiffer handle and put my bleachy rag on it and did the floor. I got around to where the dishwasher was…you guessed it, I wiped that down, too. Might as well get the trash compacter, I thought, and then I will be done! Well, then I cleaned up from the pancakes since the skillet was cool. Boy, did the stove top look bad! We have a nice (circa 1980’s) Jenn Air Down Draft stovetop. Off came the burners for a wipe down…out came those drip pans and the ring that holds them into the sink they all went. Boy, I forgot what it is like to clean one of these kinds of stoves….scrubbed the top, the bottom, the knobs, and then the filter area. Into the sink went the filter and I wiped out the (gross) area where that comes from….I still have stuff in the sink soaking but Kiley came in and wanted some kool-aid so I made a pitcher and took advantage of the break to sit down and drink some myself! Does anyone have any cookies????

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