Heart to Heart

by Kym on February 19, 2009

David and I have had a couple of crazy scary days…I was picking stuff up around the house Tuesday when I felt my chest being squeezed. I started having pain under my left arm…and then when I started to get up I was dizzy. Long story short, I am fine…my heart is fine and I know that the Haywood county paramedics, abulance drivers, hospital workers are all wonderful, quick responding people who are happy to help!
First David and I checked out syptoms on the computer, and I took a couple of baby asprin just in case. Then we called 911.
After the paramedic advised that I go on in to the hospital, I got my second abulance ride ever. First time as a patient. I got the works, nitro, bloodwork, chest x-ray, ct-scan with special dye in my body, and then an overnight stay to be observed and a stress test in the morning. All that to find out that my heart is okay.
What I learned besides how nice and fast the hospital staff is, is that no symptoms are too small to take for granted. I am glad to know everything is okay, and I am thankful for my family and friends who helped while I was staying in the “Haywood Hilton”. My neighbor brought us 2 giant tasty casseroles (thanks so much, Susan!) and my in-laws and their good friends met David at the hospital to care for Ron and Kiley.
I learned all over again, that God puts people in our lives right where we are right when we need them!

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ocean February 20, 2009 at 10:15 am

Glad you are okay. So, did they determine what caused your symptoms?


kym February 20, 2009 at 11:05 pm

They don’t know. I immediately took asprin which is supposed to help, so maybe I prevented something??? Or it was stress (like I have never had stress before!) I will follow up with my regular Dr., who came to the hospital to see and talk with me! That was cool…first time I have had a regular Dr. since we were in the military…except for when I was having babies!


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