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by Kym on August 10, 2008

So, here I am almost a month into living in NC….and I am just now taking time to blog. We have been going like crazy. The move was one of those things that you could watch a sitcom about.
As it got closer to the time, I realized that I had a lot of stuff I did not want to pay to move. So, I called a friend and she was sweet enough to take a lot of my furniture. Then we made several, several trips to Goodwill. It is a good thing. As most of the kids and I were ready to leave on moving day, the truck arrived and it was TOO SMALL! NEVER and I repeat, NEVER book a move through the internet without them doing a walkthrough! So, I immediately changed my plans and stayed through the packing of the truck….I told them what to put on and made a pile of what I could get rid of. Baylee called Habitat for Humanity, and they had a truck that came and picked up stuff and several friends came over to help me with taking things and making decisions. Talk about a CLEAN SWEEP!
Well, the kids and dogs and I made it to NC about midnight. Then, when I got up to see the new house the next morning….I realized that the rooms are arranged in such a way that the stuff I left behind would not have fit anyway!!! Isn’t God funny???? (That is what we keep reminding each other) Then, the moving men finally showed up and told me that it was impossible to deliver my stuff to my house. WHAT???? We finally reached an agreement after my sweet brother-in-law and father-in-law showed them around and rented a u-haul truck to put our stuff in. NOTE: when moving, find out if the locals can get stuff delivered to their mountain homes! HOW WAS THIS FLATLANDER SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS????
So, after a crazy clean out, and weird day of getting our stuff…we are in the house! It is beautiful, but still not home. We miss Panama City like crazy. We miss our neighbors and friends and all of you we consider our family. But, it is really great wearing jeans and long sleeves in AUGUST and sitting outside and not sweating. And seeing family is really great, too.
We arrived on Wed night, got our furniture on Thursday, and on Sunday more family came for a visit to David’s parents….So we unpacked a little and played a lot.
Now we are in the PANIC stage…..Baylee leaves for college in two weeks and we don’t have all the stuff she needs. And there is that small reality of MISSING HER TERRIBLY. I am trying not to tell her to CHANGE HER MIND AND STAY HERE!!!! I know that God has worked miracles for her to be able to go to this college and actually choose to go away, so I am keeping my mouth shut. But, how do you let someone go???? I have had her close for 18 years. I know she is ready, but I am so not.
On a completely different note, I am writing this while hanging out inside the house while David and the kids are all outside camping in the tent on the back porch. We need to do some yard cleanup before they can camp in the yard, so they are all in the tent on the porch!
We also have been blessed by David’s job allowing him to telecommute for these next few months. It is interesting having him around, but not too available during the day…but the gas savings are great, and lunchtime is always fun.
I am still figuring out school for the rest of the kids. It is interesting making so many MAJOR decisions all at the same time. I forgot how MAJOR moving really is.
Well, so that is a recap of my crazy month. Except for about a million tears that we all have cried while settling in, and many funny things that have happened that I didn’t write about…and all the new additions to our family in the form of FISH….Ron did not forget that I said we could get him a fish (which means that everyone got a fish) once we moved…and one of the fish had babies sometime, but only one is alive, as of tonight.
I can get a vanity plate for my van when I register, so it is going to say NVR BRD.
Love to you all!

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