Facebook and fighting kids….

by Kym on June 5, 2009

Sometimes Facebook is fun to catch up with friends…and I am so glad for the connections I have made with people that I have lost touch with! and sometimes Facebook just brings a smile to my face! I had to share the postings from the last day or two….names have been deleted to protect the “innocent”! If you don’t Facebook, try it, it is a blast!!!!

Kym Meacham Thurman…. Is wondering what to do with 2 fighting kids???? Any ideas?

A says:
send them to panama city!:)

L says:
Mine enjoy extra chores for fighting. I had the bathrooms and garage cleaned today. Then I sent them to play with the neighbor’s kids. Manual labor is good for anger release!

M says:
Yes it is…L! Love creative Moms!K talked back to me once and I took away her “electricity”…..(Electricty than powers Fun stuff)..games, i-net, any fun thing that required power to work. That night @ dinner when I asked her to fix the glasses she QUICKLY told me she couldn’t. When I asked why, she commented, “It takes electricity to make ice.” I thanked her for the reminder THEN I told her she could drink her tea HOT~without ice!!!Thank you, Jesus for making us smarter than our kids!Fighting kids should spend time thinking of ALL the ways they LOVE each other!!! And do it until….they MEAN IT! Just an idea! I have done this too!

M says:
and if that doesn’t work…Kim I say all the MOMS got to PC BEACH! Grand idea, A! :-)

MA says:
My mom always told us to work it out or she would make us kiss and make up…

K says:
I only have one kid, but I heard you are supposed to throw water in their faces. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s dogs.

J says:
Duct tape and 2 closets…

JG says:
Kim! Me too! What is it about the first week of June? I keep taking away the fun stuff. I will say that today has gone better than Monday and Tuesday-but has not gone without tears. Good luck!

AR says:
Or you could always put them on a bus to south Georgia!!

S says:
Same at the Miller house and Ryan’s volume control is stuck on high these days. I tried the water in your face thing when Ryan was little. It made me laugh more than anything. :) It’s going to be a long summer.

MM says:
Amen on the long summer……I am already ready for Aug 4th! That is terrible of me to say since they have only been out 3 days! My boys think that fighting solves everything! My girls think that pulling hair and pinching solves everything. I guess I need a black and white striped referee shirt to wear everyday.

I respond:
Well, these are the two that are home all the time…we have one more week of school! And the volume around here is loud all the time, too!

JR says:
My two LOVE to stand together holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. OR I give them long lectures about Christian family love until their eyes glaze over and roll into the back of their heads. Usually a threat of one of these is enough to send them running away from one another…

I add some more:
You all have made my day!!! I just stayed out of it, since I didn’t hear anything breaking (hee hee) and kept on FBing…I am going to try some of these suggestions!

SB says:
I used to make my nieces sit across from each other holding hands and tell each other what they liked about each other. Thank goodness I have just one :)

L adds some more:
My mother tried the water trick on my sister and me and then made US clean up the mess!! How fair is that??! Still leaves a scar today, so I would try something besides water torture, besides the FEDS might find out if you use that method! ha haGood luck!

Then I add another post:
I am rolling on the floor laughing at all the suggestions I got for my fighting kids! I may try them all! Although the duct tape might land me in jail???

AJST says:
Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver!!! 😉

V says:
You can use the clear packing tape and maybe no one will notice!!!!!!!!!

MS says:
I think you can now write a book…..fb is something, isn’t it! :)

JR says:
Yes, please don’t post if you do that! I am a “mandatory reporter” of suspected child abuse since I am a licensed therapist! LOL

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