cupcakes, birthdays, and SEWING

by Kym on September 20, 2008

This week I have been finally able to sew….my brain has had projects swimming around in it for months, but I had to get other stuff done! Now, it is my turn!!! And Kiley is soooo glad! She has been prissing around all weekend in her new duds…and wanted to sleep in her skirt! It is so nice when you make something and they love it!
Today, Jay turns 16! It is hard to believe….and he has taken the move and not having a big blowout party all in stride. It helps that we told him that he can have a party the next time we are in Panama City and he has friends around! But, in the meantime, he may actually make a few friends here. So far we are still just meeting a few people….but everyone we meet is really nice!
Here are a few pictures of Kiley showing off her new clothes!
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