Cheap Date!

by Kym on February 9, 2009

David and I went on a cheap date this weekend for our anniversary! It was perfect! Baylee and a friend came home to watch the kids and we headed to Asheville. First we were going to eat at a restaurant we had a certificate for. ( but the certificate was only good Sun-Thurs…so we are saving it for another cheap date! Hmmmm, now what. Okay so then we went to check into our hotel. Last summer we traveled to OKC using our points from our credit cards for hotel rooms. We had one left over, so we went to the Marriott Suites near the Biltmore. (Been there, done that…so didn’t go again) The room had tempurpedic mattress and a fireplace and big screen tv! Would have cost us $259. It was FREE! Now, we are not using credit anymore, so no more points…but it was fabulous!! We checked into the hotel, checked out all the channels! We do not have cable, so it was like we went to Disneyland. We sat figuring out what we were going to do for dinner, when David remembered he had a $20 Outback gift card in his wallet! We ate there in November for Walker’s birthday, and bought giftcards so that we could use them to pay for dinner and get the $20 card! We forgot completely about it…and it expired on the 10th of Feb. Thanks God, for reminding us!
After a lovely steak dinner, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some stuff for Molly. She is in a choral group, Voices in the Laurel…and needed khaki pants.
Back at the hotel we watched Superman Returns on the big tv. We had thought about a movie, but this was more fun! The hotel gave us a microwave bag of popcorn, and we picked up m&m’s at Walmart for our favorite movie treat!
Sunday morning we ate the free breakfast in the hotel. David went down and got it and we ate in our room….it was so nice to not fix anyone else’s breakfast, or even have to talk to anyone but David! Then, and I know this sounds weird, we went grocery shopping!
I am learning through different blogs (see moneysavingmom in sidebar) how to use coupons and get the most for our money. There is a grocery store in Asheville that I have never heard of, Harris Teeter, that had triple coupons! Since David loves to grocery shop, I included him in my maiden voyage of getting a good deal! Now, some of the women who know what they are doing got like $70 for $14. We thought we did great getting 63.00 of stuff for $29! Not bad for novices!
We splurged on a 12 pack of coke and munched on our discounted box of crunc n’ munch on our way home.
It was a wonderful date! And I may figure this coupon thing out, but I may keep dragging David along to share in the fun….

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