by Kym on August 8, 2010

Today is Sunday, the first Sunday in August. Where did the months go?
I am home with one sick child.
(it happens quite a lot with this many kids)
And I realize I haven’t stopped to breathe, really breathe, in a loooong time.
Summer has been full of FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FUN. It really has. So full that
the days have whizzed by and I don’t know where they went.
This week Baylee goes back to college (early) and then next week school starts
for everyone else. In the world of computers and blogging and sharing so much
information it looks like my life has been stagnant, while exactly the opposite is true.
So, I am going to take some time to breathe.
I will blog when I can, but not every day or even every week.
I don’t want to miss the AMAZING things that are happening
right here.
Do you?

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