art shows, spring break and rain!

by Kym on April 5, 2008

Last night we attended the opening of the Best of Bay art show. Walker had a neat radial design in the show! Then we ate at our all-time favorite Italian restaurant, Ferrucci’s. We visited and by the end of the evening, Jay had a summer bus-boy job lined up. We had been talking about jobs on the way to the art show…and I told him, “God has a way of working out the details, don’t worry about it.” Wow! So cool, when the kids get to see that you actually sometimes know what you are talking about. And, then, there are all those times that I don’t….Spring break started…with a day full of rain. I hoped to get the yard work done so that we could play a lot all week, but instead we have worked inside and played lots of video games. That is fun, too, so I guess that counts. (not the work-the video games)
Baylee suggested recently that I ask the people across the water if I could get pictures of our house from their yard. I went over and we had a nice conversation and I came home with pictures, a fresh cabbage and lots of oranges right out of their yard! Maybe I should go over more often. Here is a shot of our house from theirs…
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