by Kym on March 17, 2010

Yesterday David and I took a day off to be together and go listen to a sales pitch for a warehouse club. We weren’t planning on joining, but the “gifts” for listening to the pitch involved a vacation somewhere and a chance to win $50,000, so we thought it would be worth going. Well, we both woke up feeling worn out and not very much like driving three hours, but after getting the kids off to school, we were ready to go anyway.

We had mapped out some extra things to do while we were gone, and they made sense based on the directions the woman gave me…take 26 south to 85 south. the only catch was when I mapped it, there was no exit for the place we were going??? Oh well, maybe it was a new exit, we thought. Well, we stopped in at Hobby Lobby and then we headed to the warehouse! Well, SURPRISE, there was NO EXIT on the highway! We got off at the next exit and checked our map and the brochure from the warehouse….BOY WAS I EMBARRASSED when I realized that not only were we in the wrong city, we were in the wrong STATE! I told David to go north on 85 and we went to Charlotte, and we were supposed to go to Greenville, South Carolina!! Oh boy, I need to learn my geography of this new place we live!!!

Well, David and I could have had a major row. We could have just come on home. We could have cried and moaned about missing our vacation package….what did we do???

We sat in the car and laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes. Everytime we got ready to leave the gas station, we started laughing again so it took a while to get composure! We had mapped the directions to the closest IKEA store, so off we went to check it out. We had fun looking and imagining and seeing all the “new” stuff since the last time we were in an IKEA, and then we headed back to Hobby Lobby to see if they had some lamp shades I have been wanting. Then after a full fun afternoon, we drove home and stopped in Asheville to eat at the Black Forest restaurant there.

On our drive we got to have 6 hours of conversation without interruption. One of the fun things we talked about was all the fun places we have eaten over the years….it was nice to have time with David.

This winter, with all of the snow days and sick kids, we have put off our dates. So we are glad that we made a wrong turn and had a wonderful adventure!

David said that we had a wonderful day because of our wrong turn!
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Sari March 17, 2010 at 12:04 pm

What a great day.

Sometimes the nicest times come from "wrong directions". Hey, I had no idea we were almost neighbors – we are in Greenville so next time, if you happen to come this way on 85, stop by and say Hello :)


Watts Family March 18, 2010 at 10:55 am

We just had a great sermon this past Sunday about how God is always with us, and the question to ask God in all situations is "OK God, what are you up to?" It sounds like you had a great day. (we love Ikea, but our closest one is just over 3 1/2 hours a way.


DiJo March 30, 2010 at 9:41 pm

Hi Kym!
I got your comment over at Pearl/Ruby!! Blessings to you as you follow God's lead!



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