50 Healthy meal ideas

by Kym on September 3, 2011

We are doing a LOT of cleaning out and organizing around here.  One of the things we have done in the past, is compile a list of meal ideas. I thought I would share them here and ask what you all like to eat!

(my kids and husband and I put these together….)

1. Spaghetti-bread, salad, butter

2. Meatloaf-green beans, milk, canned fruit (peaches) mashed potatos

3. Grilled hamburgers-lettuce, tomatos, pickles, potato chips, sliced cucumbers and a veggie salad

4. Lasagna-salad, bread, green beans

5. Bruscetta- grilled chicken or hamburger, rice cripy treats for dessert

6. Chicken nuggets-fruit salad (no cherries) mixed vegetables

7. Beef and broccoli stir fry- rice and lettuce

8. Spam and pineapple stirfry, mixed veggies, rice

9, Grilled chicken on salad, bread or croutons

10. shish-k-bobs, rice, we like- cherry tomatos, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, purple or vidalia onions, green and red peppers, chicken or steak

11. Aunt Ruth’s Sunday Suprise- (Tuna mixed with cream of mushroom soup) over rice, and peas

12. Shepherds pie

13. Ground beef stoganof, rice, canned peaches, asparagus

14. Sausage gravy and biscuits, apple sauce, eggs

15. red beans and rice, sausage, corn bread, lettuce, celery stalks

16. Chicken tetrazzini- steamed broccoli, salad, and bread

17. Pecan chicken and saffron rice, broccoli

18. Lemon pepper chicken with flavored rice, green beans or corn

19. Fish tacos w/broccoli slaw, applesauce or canned fruit

20. Roast- potatos, carrots, onions, green beans or salad

21. Roast plain or add barbeque sauce, fry okra, canned pears

22. Pork roast-

23. Chili-corn bread, baby carrots and celery

24. Baked chicken and ratatouli

25. Steak-green beans, mashed potatos, plums

26. Pork chops- star fruit, bread, salad, mashed potatos

27. Stir fry veggies-sugar snap peas, lots of veggies, baked chicken, and rice

28. Baked potatoes as a meal-with all the fixin’s, and salad

29. Tacos and fruit salad

30. Enchiladas and salad

31. Pork roast, new potatos, wilted spinach, bread

32. Taco salad with shells

33. Hot dogs apple slices, fresh veggies

34. Hot dogs with cheese- apple sauce and pears

35. Macaroni and cheese, steamed veggies

36. Ribs- baked cut potatos (or mashed potatos), steamed veggies

37. Sloppy joes, steamed or fresh broccoli, fruit salad w/oranges

38. BBQ sandwiches, same plan

39. Grilled cheese (we like to use the bread from a bread machine and cheddar cheese and call them hunka munka sandwiches), cucumber salad, fruit salad

40. Southern sausage, celery, onions and rice with garlic bread

41. Fish-snapper, scamp-panneed w/artichokes and cherry tomatos, veggies, and rice

42. Summer sausage, apples and cheese, and crackers

43. Polish sausage, cabbage and potatos, carrots and apple sauce

44. Pork chops, cabbage, burnt w/sesame seeds

45. Roast chicken- roast veggies, carrots or ratatouli

46. Chicken coqavin…..

47. German potato salad

48. Breakfast for dinner- eggs and bacon

49. Pancakes and sausage, fruit

50. Italian beef-see recipe in previous post

What are your favorites? What would you like best? What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Becky D. September 7, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Great list! We eat a lot of the same things but somewhat less variety in our fruits and veggies. Tonight was ground beef stroganoff (adapted from the recipe in Family Feast-Mary Ostyn book) broccoli or salad (trying to use up the fresh veggies) Last night was chicken mixed veggies and rice similar to rice roni mixed together and cornbread. Tomorrow will likely be homemade mac/cheese.


kym September 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Those sound great! I forgot about beef stroganoff, that is one of our family favorites. It seems like when it is time to cook, I cannot think of what we like, so making a list really helped! And rotating things around make it nicer for me!


diana September 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm

I love your list. We have one we made years ago, and occasionally I dig it out for inspiration. Tonight we had stir fry (chicken breast, a bag of veggies, some sauce, and ta da, dinner in 15 minutes. My kind of meal!


Stacia September 29, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Spam stirfry???? Using up your emergency stash???? My favorite is anything NOT cooked by me :)


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